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All the data that describes the proposed building design,including climate, shading, ventilation are entered into the PHPP to create an accurate model of the proposed design. Once set up correctly it is possible to vary elements of the design in the model to assess accurately what effects they will have on its energy performance. Careful design using PHPP guides the appropriate use of orientation, solar shading, thermal mass, and bypass of the heat recovery ventilation system in order to reduce heat gains. The costs to incorporate passive design into a new building are relatively low, and these are recouped in a very short period of time. The benefits are greatest when passive design principles are incorporated into the entire design & build process, from site selection onwards.

"Slievemoyle cottages have used the services of Hillen Architects for several building projects over a period of years and have been extremely happy with the outcomes. Barry has been receptive to our ideas and brought these together with his professional expertise to produce plans which meet our needs. The buildings produced have been practical, functional, aesthetically attractive and yet not expensive to build."
– Greer and Maureen Lowe

"We used Barry to design and oversee the build of our house in Newcastle. He overcame problematics planning issues, and had an excellent relationship with our builder than culminated in the completion of our property on time. Barry had a professional and imaginative approach to the build, which helped us through the design and build process."
– David and Anna Quin

"Barry's efficiency in obtaining our Planning Permission within a short timescale and with no objections or amendments required is further testimony to his excellent attention to detail and his expertise and professionalism. His willingness to assist and co-operate with Building Control officials and the Building Contractor involved in the building of our home removed a lot of potential pressure for us and provided us with full confidence that our project was managed to the highest of standards."
– Damian and Niamh McLaughlin